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I’d like to discuss your success environment today – what that environment is, and why exactly it’s important. So, what is your success environment? It’s the place where you work for maximum productivity.

Think about your dental office. It’s designed and laid out for maximum efficiency and productivity, right? It’s set up so that you can work quickly, and provide necessary patient care in a logical, smooth, efficient manner. So, what about those days when you’re working on building a better business, rather than directly serving patient needs? What’s your success environment then?

To really dig into that, let’s discuss the importance of having a success environment. It insures and facilitates. Second, it eliminates distractions. Make sure your success environment doesn’t contain anything that would pull your attention away from what you’re doing. Schedule your time appropriately, put your laptop and wireless devices in airplane mode, and avoid the Internet completely, even just to check email. You also need to plan – schedule what you’re going to do that day the night before so that you can roll right into it without a lot of delay.

Know going into the day what you need to accomplish to make it feel successful. Set at least three goals that you need to meet. Plan those out ahead of time. What will it take to reach those goals? Know that going into the situation.

I struggle to stay focused sometimes. I’ve found that the right type of music helps a great deal. Another thing that helps me is an app called a presentation clock. You can download that for both iOS and Android, and it works like a countdown timer. As you listen to your music, you can set your timer to count down the workflow blocks you’ve created.

I’ve also found that the right foods can help. I enjoy a product called Lion’s Mane Elixir from Four Stigmatic. It’s a mushroom-based drink, and you mix it with hot water to improve clarity and focus.

My point is that you need to create an environment that fosters focus and clarity, while eliminating distractions. Your workspace should include only those things most important for achieving your goals during that session. For instance, my workspace right now includes only a laptop. There’s not even a cellphone on the desk. That ensures I’m not distracted and that I’m able to focus on achieving my goals.

Your success environment is your space – it’s the place you go to get things done without distractions. Only bring into that space what you need to get stuff done. Don’t bring in distracting things, including needless technology. It also helps to not bring in emotional baggage and negative thoughts. Practice leaving your day at the door. Don’t worry about how a patient’s outcome will turn out, or the argument you had with your spouse or partner.