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Dentistry is, bluntly, overrun with consultants and coaches, training companies and trainers, and “gurus” of every sort. Dentistry attracts them like Banff attracts skiers in the winter. But most are seriously flawed….Unlike ALL of Them…

I’m never pushing you to do anything I’m not ACTUALLY doing, and have not tested and proven in current, real-world conditions, in a thriving and growing practice.

I’m currently a dentist who has actually DONE everything I teach. Not one who practiced quite a few years (or decades) ago, or never practiced at all. I have real results, documented by inside the practice numbers, and as a Member, you’ll be seeing factually supported, actionable strategies – never “ideas”.

NOTHING in my portfolio was “made up” to sell to you or swiped and re-labeled, to have something to sell. EVERY PART OF MY SYSTEM WAS BUILT FOR MY USE IN MY PRACTICE – to make it systems-driven, self-operating; to fuel its growth by its own engines; to make it sustainable and secure; to create a fully functioning, high performing staff; to make fast and dramatic growth manageable and affordable.

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