I Want More New Patients

New patients at the front desk.

Most dentists want to grow their practice, and increasing patient flow is the best way to do it quickly. Marketing can be a minefield however, with vulture-vendors around every corner, eager to take your money for the latest fad that just can’t seem to show you in simple math exactly what your return is.

Here’s how we can help you right now:

  • A complete, done-for-you series of trust-building marketing materials to make you an instant author and authority, like a direct swipe of Dr. Biasucci’s book “Get Your Smile Back” and a series of procedure-specific books, a print newsletter to patients, weekly patient emails, and more, to increase your familiarity and trust with your patients and your position in the community which will translate into new patients and referrals.
  • Fully automated CRM system to automate many marketing tasks that would otherwise fall on your staff to do consistently.
  • Access to every marketing strategy and support materials that Dr. Biasucci used to drive 200+ new patients to his own practice every month, in a small town and a highly competitive market – for YEARS.
  • AND we will even help you implement these strategies, so you don’t have to give up any more time to figure out how to integrate every concept into your practice, learn how to use complex software, or hire a marketing team.

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