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Content production is a seriously important topic – the more information you get out to your patients, the more you build familiarity and trust. That trust eventually translates into authority, and your patients keep you in the forefront of their minds. Of course, content creation can be time consuming, frustrating and can even seem impossible. There’s good news. Anyone can enjoy prolific writing.

Content creation is vital for establishing yourself as an authority. This is the only way you can compete with the growing slew of corporate dental entities out there today. Corporate entities are not the only threats out there – government efforts, insurance companies and even just consumer price shopping all have erosive effects on the landscape that make it essential for you to stand out from the pack and position yourself as an authority.

You need to create a wide range of content types to establish authority, build trust, inform your audience, and educate your patients. I’m talking about creating free reports, ebooks, articles, blog posts, treatment overviews, newsletters and more. These are also not “once and done” things. You need to blog regularly. You need to create articles and reports frequently. You need to send out your newsletter on a regular basis.

Of course, content creation comes with a caveat. You need the time to create it. I’d be willing to bet that your first thought is you lack the time necessary. Most of us feel like we’re living without enough time for everything that must be done. Let me tell you this – you can create all the content you need in just 60 minutes per month.

My recommendation is that you keep a list of topics going constantly. Just write down thoughts, topics, headings and the like as they come to you. Jot down your ideas and then write them later.

When it comes time to create your content, just go to your list, find a topic that attracts you, that you feel particularly compelled to write about, and go to town. You also don’t need to worry about creating a fully-fleshed out version right away. Personally, I start my articles as nothing more than bullet points, and then flesh them out from there. The same thing applies to reports.

Get down what you need to get down on paper first – the core ideas that you want to convey, and the most important topics to touch on. Then, you can expand on them, sharing your expertise and insight along the way. In very little time, you’ll find that you’ve created a pretty long article, an engaging blog post, or even gotten a good start on an important report that your patients will find valuable.

Other tricks to help streamline your content creation process include taking audio notes on your own, jotting down thoughts as they come to you, and reusing content for other purposes. For instance, you can break reports up into multiple articles or blog posts. You can repurpose pieces of your ebooks – it’s simple to create the content you need to build authority and trust.