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Using a newsletter is one of the most important and powerful ways to build your practice. Why do you need one? It’s simple – a newsletter allows you to increase the frequency of your communication with your patients without a corresponding increase in marketing costs or even time commitment. It helps to build a relationship with your patients, introduce new services and treatments, educate them, and even answer questions they didn’t know they had.

Remember that frequency builds familiarity. When you send out a newsletter each and every month, you build familiarity based on a once-per-month frequency. In turn, that begins to build trust with your patients. They begin to think of you and your practice more and more often – you become seen as an expert, and the source of important (and accurate) information about the challenges your patients face.

You can probably think of businesses in your own life that do the same thing. For instance, here in Canada, we undercoat our vehicles in the winter with oil to prevent rust from forming. I get postcards from Krown about their undercoating service every single month of the year, including during the summer when I’m not even remotely worried about undercoating. But, do you know what? When winter rolls around, Krown is the one I turn to. Why? Because they’ve managed to keep themselves front and center in my mind with communication all year long.

I also want to point out the results of a recent Harvard Business Review study. They found that just a 5% increase in retention can translate to a 95% increase in net profit. In addition to bumping up your profits significantly, you also reduce your costs. It costs you far, far less to keep a current patient than it does to find a new one. Seriously, how much money do you spend on marketing to potential new patients? What’s the conversion rate you enjoy? It’s probably pretty low. It’s far better to keep the patients you have coming back, time and again.

A newsletter is one of the cheapest, most effective ways of cementing your practice in the minds of your patients. Will they make appointments every single month? Of course not. However, if you’re able to keep yourself front and center, you will be the first one they think of when they need to schedule their six-month checkup. You’ll be the first one they think of when they have unexpected tooth pain, or when their child needs to have braces.

A newsletter adds to your content-based authority platform. If you’re a member of the Inner Circle, you can see the actual newsletters that I send out to my real-life patients – you can use that template for yourself to make creating your own newsletter simpler and easier. Use these tools to help you engage your audience. You want them to read those newsletters and be connected to you and your practice. You want to be part of their lives, not a necessary evil.