Quarterly Two Day Meetings

dental practice trainingThese meetings focus on helping you to STOP working like a technician IN your business, crawling around your patient’s mouths, putting out fires with staff, and ONLY making money when you work. My goal is to get you to start thinking like a true profit-driven entrepreneur who OWNS the business and profits off of other people’s efforts.

To that end, the goal of every meeting is to:

  • Help you discover far more exciting and lucrative opportunities hidden away in your practice that you are simply overlooking.
  • Enable you to be an active participant in an extremely productive environmentto help you get refocused on doing the RIGHT things instead of getting sucked into other people’s urgencies, priorities, and distractions.
  • Give you the opportunity to learn exactly how your peers are breaking through their current income, time, and staff limitationsto achieve phenomenal new levels of growth and income.
  • Provide you a place to “air your problems” and get positive and helpful feedback from people who understand the problems and challenges you are facing.
  • Recharge your batteries and reawaken your passion to achieve great new levels of success, personally and professionally. This is not to be undermined; you cannot get inspired results from uninspired people (meaning YOU).
  • Recurring Topics Include:
  • Building a Self-Managing Practice
  • How to Scale Up Your Practice
  • Secrets of the Top 1%
  • Building a High-Performance business
  • Personal Productivity

You will also get unfettered access to me to pick my brain and ask me anything regarding the marketing, strategy, and operations of your business. Plus, one of the meetings will be the 2-day Marketing and Case Acceptance Boot Camp where you’ll receive 2 tickets, so you’re actually getting another $3,000+ bonus!

Done-For-You Authority Platform Website:

dental practice websiteHaving a strong website is essential to your success; it affects the results of all other marketing and advertising that you do. The FIRST thing that just about every not potential client does is check out your website. Additionally, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website can drive new qualified leads to your business, but only if you can convert the traffic with great web copy. But who has the time to come up with the content?

As a Masters Program Member, you’ll get an Authority Website created for you, and we’ll even make any changes or edits that you need, whenever you need them. I take all of the hassle of creating a website that converts off your plate and I’ll also make sure that your site is optimized for local search engine traffic for YOUR major local search terms… meaning more leads coming your way. And when we give you a new marketing campaign to use, you’ll have a landing page you can use right away. We’ve even automated many of your blog entries based on the Patient Newsletter content that I write for you each month.

A Done-For-You 4-Page Newsletter

dental practice newslettersSending a monthly newsletter to your customers is one of the easiest ways to fuel referrals, repeat business, improve customer loyalty, and cross-promote the other products and services that you offer. But who has the time to come up with the content?

As a Masters Program Member, you’ll get exclusive rights to the exact patient newsletters I am sending out to my own patients, months in advance, and our team will customize the newsletter for you. We take 95% of the work out of creating your own practice newsletter.

These professionally-written newsletters are designed with patient psychology in mind to strengthen their relationship with your practice and actually GET READ. This is critical because you know that the more your patients hear from you, the more familiar you are, and familiarity breeds TRUST. Great content builds AUTHORITY. By positioning your practice as the trusted authority, you will improve referrals and retention from existing patients.

And this isn’t some “made up” newsletter. You’re getting the actual newsletter I’m personally sending out in my own practice, so you know they’re effective.

Done-For-You Patient Engagement Email Vault

This is the exact set of emails that prospective new patients and anyone who joins our practice gets each week to build a relationship with our practice even though we may have never met. These emails are designed to educate, build authority and premium branding in your market.

My team will customize and integrate the email vault with Infusionsoft for you.

You can use it with existing patients, to nurture the existing relationship between appointments.

You can use it with NEW patients who have just joined your practice to increase show rate and begin to build a relationship before they ever meet you.

You can use it with PROSPECTIVE patients who have expressed interest in one of your marketing pieces through an opt-in form on your website (don’t worry if this is all new, I’ll teach you what that means and how to set it all up) so that you can begin to build authority and trust in your market and position yourself as the #1 practice in your town, virtually ensuring prospective patients will choose your office when they’re ready to book.

Here’s the bottom line – by being the source of valuable educational content, you position yourself as the #1 Trusted Authority in your town.

You’ll never be stuck staring at an empty schedule wondering what to do because I’m giving you a tried and true, vigorously tested system that flat out works.  

And hey – if you think about it, our income is in direct proportion to the number of patients we treat.

That means the more content you deliver to your patients, the more loyal they are, and the more they refer…AND the more authority you demonstrate to prospective patients, the more they will choose YOU.

Done For You Authority-Building Free Reports and CRM Integration With Your Website

Like all the bonuses you’re getting in your welcome kit, this is a PROVEN system.

I designed it to build on the Email Vault bonus.

Have you ever wondered why some industry leaders seem to effortlessly attract patients and run practices that they don’t have to work in?
Have you ever wondered why some dentists are able to charge more than their competition… without even really trying to make sales?
And have you ever wondered why companies like Apple and Tesla have incredibly loyal and evangelistic customers who stand in line for hours just to be able to buy the next product? 

The answer lies in POSITIONING.
See, here’s the thing.

Even after a patient decides they want to seek treatment for something…in the back of every patient’s mind is one question…Is this WHERE I want to get this done?

The TOP 1# dentists know that building premium, Trusted Authority Positioning is the key to real success. And that’s why I created The Patient’s Guide to Sedation for Dentistryand Getting Started With Your Child’s Oral Health. These free reports are designed to DO THE SELLING FOR YOU… after you’ve made your treatment recommendation, and even BEFORE they ever meet you.

Think of them as a “little voice in the patient’s mind” telling them that YOU are the authority and they’re making the right decision to choose your practice. After all…you WROTE THE BOOK!

You’ll never have to brag on yourself, or engage in any sleazy or unprofessional marketing…and it ATTRACTS patients to YOU, so you never have to chase them.

I’ve never publicly taught this before, yet it’s been one of my secret weapons for almost 7 years straight.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover:
The Price-Buster Method For Killing The “No Money” Objection Before You Ever Hear It (Even if you’re recommending something expensive!)
The “Emotional Expansion” Method For Linking Your Treatment Options To Your Prospect’s Most Powerful Driving Emotions
The “Apples To Oranges” Analogy For Eliminating Comparison To Your Competitors.
How To Create An Emotional Time Machine And Get Your Patients To Honestly Think About What They Really Want (so you’re only ever giving them what they want, not “selling them”)
And much, much more…
I’m literally giving you the exact framework I use.

Even lead-generating postcards I’ve used with the best success, the web forms to set up, the emails to send to prospective patients who seek out your information gently nudging them to call, AND we will automate all of this for you!

Exclusive Access To Coaches To Help You Implement

In addition to Dr. Carlo, you’ll get coaching from my Head Team Trainer, Christine Perlini, the person who recruits, onboards, and trains our entire team of 35 staff and 10 dentists. Christine sets aside time each and every week to work 1-on-1 with our Masters Program members.

Two LIVE Video Conferences Every Month

Every other week, you and I get on a video conference LIVE with your fellow members for the sole purpose of getting these things done:
Increasing Your New Patient Flow

We’ll do this by uncovering marketing tactics that work, strategies that are converting, new traffic sources, new campaign sequences, and more.
Increasing Your Marketing Conversion
We’ll do this by deploying team training, systems and strategies to turn your marketing dollars into actual patients.

I’d be willing to bet the farm that just this one aspect of our work together can totally revolutionize your practice and dramatically increase your bottom line. It’s so simple, yet NOBODY focuses on it! 

Improving Your Systems And Your Team to Ultimately Increase Case Acceptance, Referrals, and Your Bottom Line
Everyone knows this is where the real profit is. But are you doing it? And if you are… are you doing it as well as you could be?

The easiest sale to make is a sale to a happy customer… but many dentists only think about getting more new patients and forget the goldmines they have in their list of existing patients.

Done-For-You Book

dental practice counseling

Customization and Custom Cover Included

Become an author overnight! One of the requests I’ve been getting over and over again from our members is for a done-for-you book. We’ve given you my most popular authority-building book, “Get Your Smile Back” with customization of the content and the cover included with your membership. This isn’t just some lame rework of articles… this is actually a book that I’ve ghost written for all Masters Program members, and you get all the credit as the author to use as you see fit in your local market. Feel free to add, change and remove content to fit your own recommendations and style. The best part is that I’ve done all the hard work for you!

SIX Schedule-As-You-Need-It Phone Consultations With Dr. Carlo

Whether you need help with a marketing campaign or just a “head check” about a particular problem you are experiencing, I will give you SIX 30-minute private one-on-one phone consultations to provide coaching and direction, as well as unfettered access to me during the Masters Program meetings. My regular consulting fee is $1,500 per hour and I rarely take on any coaching clients outside of the Masters Program.

Access To A PRIVATE Library Of Hot NEW Marketing Campaigns Reserved EXCLUSIVELY For Masters Program Members

I’m always creating and learning new strategies; however, I don’t release all of these campaigns the minute they are written. Instead, I give them to my top clients FIRST, so they are always ahead of the curve and getting the HOTTEST NEW campaigns we have. Here are just a few of the campaigns I created EXCLUSIVELY for the Masters Program:

  • Cosmetic Marketing
  • Seminar Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • A Free Report campaign to attract prospects trying to find out who is the best in their area for their needs and for their children
  • Book marketing campaigns
  • And more every quarter…

Monthly Practice Growth and Marketing Strategy Brief

A Monthly Newsletter Delivered To Your Door By First Class Mail…

This is a good, old fashioned, PRINTED newsletter – complete with three holes already punched in each one so you can put them into the storage binder that I’m also sending you today.

I’m deliberately taking the extra effort (and incurring the extra cost) to bind, print, and ship this to you instead of just having a “digital version” because I know you’ll get more out of it if you can take it to a quiet place – notepad in hand – and read it without the endless distractions that your computer throws at you every day.

Every issue is between 12 and 20 pages, and is like a hard-core practice growth seminar in print, delivered straight to your door via first class mail every single month.

It’s LOADED with marketing news, forecasts, trends, strategies, tactics, and case studies revealing what’s working RIGHT NOW

Exclusive Opportunity To Participate In My Better Your Best Contest

dental practice trainingEach and every year, I invite all of my Producers Club members to participate in this contest for the opportunity to become my “Spokesperson of the Year” and to win an awesome brand new car (you know that I don’t skimp on the prize… look at the car I’m giving away this year!). The purpose of this contest is to encourage your implementation and reporting on the marketing strategies and systems that you’ve learned in the Producers Club. As Pearson’s Law states, “When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.” Past participants have stated that simply the act of participating in this annual contest has greatly improved their business.

Free Access to Elite Practice Inner Circle and Elite Practice Academy

dental practice trainers

I want all of my Masters Program members to receive the tools they need to succeed. Therefore, I’ve arranged for you to get instant access to BOTH the Inner Circle, and Academy Programs that give you step-by-step case acceptance strategies, checklists, scripts and marketing campaigns, as well as done-for-you team training to build your Elite Practice.

PLUS, We Have Fun Too...

With networking cocktail receptions, after hours discussion groups and more, this group also knows how to have a lot of fun while getting things done. The relationships that you gain as part of the Masters Program and the camaraderie that is created through our events is a part of the program that we could never do without.