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How I Tripled My Practice In 3 Years…And Cut My Work Week In Half

With The Secrets Revealed In This Book

Dr. Carlo Biasucci

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What Doctors Are Saying:

Dr. K. H.
Hamilton, Ontario

“I was looking for a mentor that could show me how to run a practice successfully and still have a life.”

Dr. E.L.
Accokeek, Maryland

“I wanted to change my mindset and get to a point where I could grow my practice. I’m really excited and my team is excited and that’s what’s most important.”

Dr. I.G.
Newmarket, Ontario

“Everything has improved. On a personal note, it’s changed how I feel about dentistry. There’s more buzz in the office that wasn’t there 2 months ago. It’s given me a more positive outlook. The culture and atmosphere at the office, just everything has improved.” three months ago.”

Dr. J.B.
Calgary, Alberta

“It’s not just armchair ideas. They’re things that have been used to actually grow and produce the results that he has.”

Dr. M.M.
Toronto, Ontario

“The result has not only been a dramatic increase on my own patient base and production level but has taught me a great deal about marketing, branding, useful strategies via social media, etc. In a nutshell, I have acquired a recipe for success.”

Dr. S.J.
Oakville, Ontario

“I have doubled my monthly production, and in fact, I believe that the principles that I learned here have applications across a broader spectrum, i.e. businesses completely unrelated to dentistry.”

Corporate Dentistry, Tightening Fees, Increasing Costs… The Writing Is On The Wall…Are You Prepared?

The Elite Practice Formula Reveals:

  1. Why the solo practice model is being decimated and what you can do about it NOW, before it’s too late.
  2. The 5 Great Truths about the dentists who create exceptionally successful and sustainable practices AND satisfying professional lives.
  3. What dentists can learn from big business about sustainable practice growth.
  4. How to build leverage into your business and life so you can FINALLY enjoy freedom of time and money.
  5. How to build a marketing strategy and system that sets you up as the trusted authority in your market and keeps a constant flow of new patients coming.

About The Author

Dr. Carlo Biasucci is a practicing dentist and founder of a large multi-doctor and multi-specialty dental practice in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. Following an injury that nearly claimed his life, he bounced back to triple his practice in 3 years to a value of $8.2

million. He is passionate about getting fellow private practice dentists off the treadmill that many professionals know all too well, and regaining control of their practice and personal freedom to finally start living the life they envisioned when entering the profession. His primary focus is having a massive lasting impact on fellow dentists, their families, employees, patients, and communities, and the profession.

Dr. Carlo enjoys downtime with his family. Despite many awards and accolades, his most prized award comes from daughter Allison who attests he is ‘the best daddy in the world’.

For a Limited Time, The First 197 Dentists Can Claim A Free Copy Of The Elite Practice Formula Shipped Directly To You.