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24/7 Online Training

Train when you want, on any device. No need for expensive travel.

dental practice training

Done For You

Workbooks and Study Guides For Knowledge Retention and Implementation

dental practice training

Team Growth

The training modules make excellent (and short) team meeting topics, so you can learn together and plan to implement together, so the whole team is on the same page.

dental practice training

Insulate Against Turnover

The #1 reason this program was built by Dr. Biasucci was to be the answer for turnover in his own practice with 35 employees. If you’ve ever had the experience of training your team, only to have someone leave, and one or two people join after the training who now have no idea what was taught there, you know the frustration. 24/7/365 access to the exact training materials everyone else learned from is the answer.

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What You Get As A Member

*Includes Elite Practice Inner Circle Membership.

Exclusive Team Training

Delivered through our online training platform, so you can build a top 1% team and WOW patient experience without having to find the time to do it all yourself, or spend outrageous amounts of money to hire consultants or send your staff off to courses and seminars, or experience the frustration of trying to teach your team what you learned at a seminar. This is Dr. Biasucci’s PROVEN system for training his own teams in his flagship office and other offices.

This program is designed to fix your marketing conversion. You spend real money getting the phone to ring through your marketing, and you spend time you’ll never get back delivering an excellent patient experience so that your patients will refer to you…your team must execute a near-perfect routine to maximize your ROI in these areas, and it is only a matter of training and practice.

Think about it…when a franchise is set to open, all the systems are in place and the team is trained before the doors ever open. Yet in healthcare, we just hire a new employee and they learn on the fly. That is a broken system that cannot possibly yield a good ROI, yet we allow it because we don’t see the lost dollars in phone calls that are not converted to appointments, or patients who had an OK experience, instead of a WOW experience.

Our programs are NOT sales or script-based – our system is actually proven in REAL practices, with REAL data to prove it.

AND – you have access to the training program materials 24/7 from any device. Modules are excellent team meeting topics, and serve to insulate your practice against staff turnover. Now you no longer have to worry about a new staff member joining your team after a consultant has just left, and if there is inevitable turnover, a new staff member can get up to speed in a day or two, instead of months learning by observation or occupying your best team members’ time to train someone from zero.

A Complete Practice Systems & Training Blueprint

Topic Areas Covered: Elite Practice Culture & Mindset, Phone Skills Mastery, Treatment Coordinator Certification, Clinical Efficiency & The 2-day Dentist System, Hygiene Profit Multiplier, Case Acceptance, Recruiting and Hiring Team Members, Team Engagement & Accountability, Associate Doctor Training, and more

Resource Library

A full library of materials you can use, including:

  • Patient Education
  • Internal systems and checklists
  • Tracking results

Content Focused on Implementation

  • Course content delivered in bite-size pieces so each concept can be implemented in strategic order.
  • 30 minutes per week is the minimum time commitment – no downtime for your practice!
  • Designed for maximum retention
  • Training programs are designed to be a resource that can be referred to over and over, which insulates against turnover, and provides necessary repetition and evaluation of retention
  • No costs for seminars & travel, and no need to try to teach your team what you learned at a seminar – you all learn together which results in FAST implementation

Full Support from The Elite Team

You have a dedicated program advisor to help you get ‘unstuck’ if you need help.

Two one-on-one calls you can schedule directly with Dr. Biasucci to help you move forward with anything that is holding you back.

Plus, access to LIVE coaching video conferences with Dr. Biasucci, every other week, where you can ask anything all at about marketing and practice growth.

Annual Live Event

We’ll have the opportunity to deep dive on one particular topic, and introduce marketing strategies, and answer your questions live.

Events are held in Toronto.

**This is a COMPLETE “TRAINING” Program – what other consultants are charging upwards of $5,000 per month for, with LESS deliverables and actionable content, and no ability to refer back to the material with new employees, and on top of that you have significant travel expenses and downtime in the practice

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Schedule a quick, mini consult with one of our advisors.


dental practice trainingIt has been a true pleasure working with you. Having been in a dental practice for a number of years prior to my commitment to work with you, I had picked up few points here and there on how to conduct business. But it was with you that those points became a part of a larger explanation, the big picture if you will. Starting from psychology of marketing and customizing it to the business of dentistry, you have done a tremendous job at making sure no chips are left on the table. I have doubled my monthly production, and in fact I believe that the principles that I learned here have applications across a broader spectrum, i.e. businesses completely unrelated to dentistry. As I have said on many occasions, never in my wildest dream had I imagined learning so much from someone as young as yourself.

Thank you

– Dr. Siavash Jahromi, Oakville, ON