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Let’s talk about the value proposition. Specifically, let’s address your ability to deliver value beyond what you’re paid for. Your business is a value delivery system – what does that mean? How is your brand perceived in the market, and how can you change that? How can you shift perception so that your business is positioned at a high level in the eyes of the consumer?

Really, the question you need to answer is why should someone do business with you rather than any and every other option, including taking no action at all?

Remember – people don’t need dentistry all the time. In fact, a great deal of it is elective. People aren’t in pain all the time. They don’t need to see you every six months. Why would someone choose to do business with your practice, then? Not only why would they choose you, but why would they choose you over any other dental practice in the area? Why would they choose you over doing nothing?

Think about it. Write those answers down. Drill down and find out what sets your practice apart.

I recommend doing the same thing with your team. It’s a great exercise for team meetings or even for morning huddles. Have each team member come up with at least one reason why your patients should work with your practice, rather than taking any other action.

Finally, you need to take all that information and distill it down. You need to create a list of actual reasons, benefits and pros to working with your practice, and then you need to bake it right in. Make those reasons even more pronounced parts of your practice – they need to be so integral, so much a part of the fabric of what you do, that they’re clearly visible to patients who might have only visited you once or twice in the past.

You also need to look at how you’re delivering more value than what your patients pay for. How are you delivering more than what they expect? How are you surpassing their expectations? Your patients expect a specific something – they’re paying for A, so they should definitely receive A. But what if they receive both A and B? Would that benefit them? Would it make them more likely to come back for C? Can your practice consistently deliver both A and B when your customers only pay for A?

Figure out what it is that your patients expect and then find ways to build on that. Your mission is to deliver as much value as possible for their money. That doesn’t mean you need to be have a “bargain basement” mentality. It’s not really about giving them something for nothing. It’s about building additional value and making yourself an irreplaceable resource. It’s about changing their perception of your practice from being a place they come when they absolutely have to, to a place they willingly spend both time and money because they know they’re going to get so much more out of the deal.

Build value. Deliver more. Excel. Find out how you stand out from the crowd and then bake that into everything you do.