New Patient Flow And Automation With CRMs

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Let’s discuss patient flow and automation. I believe it’s critical that you have a firm grasp on why automation is important, and how it can lead to improved patient flow by using a customer relationship management system (CRM).

All marketing comes down to one concept – creating a present bank and a future bank. To clarify, your present bank is nothing more than the immediate flow of patients into your practice. Let’s say you send out a postcard. Your recipient sees it, reads the information, and calls to make an appointment. You get immediate ROI that feeds you today.

Future bank is different. In this scenario, maybe your recipient received the postcard and was interested, but wasn’t quite ready to take action. What are they going to do with the postcard? It’s going to go into the trash. However, with a CRM and the use of the right measurement tools, you can record the information of interested potential patients who haven’t yet taken action, and then do what needs to be done so that when they are ready, you’re the practice they call.

Future bank is really nothing more than being able to stay in contact with those potential patients who are interested, but not yet ready to commit. You can supply them with a steady stream if important, accurate information, and build a relationship with them. Over time, that relationship strengthens, and then when they’re ready, they call to make an appointment. That’s not possible without automation through a CRM.

Think of it like this. You have a regular patient who’s seen you for years. You’ve been encouraging them to get […]

August 18th, 2017|

Tracking Your Marketing Return On Investment

dental management consultant dental management consultant dental management consultation

I want to talk for a moment about tracking your marketing. Simply put, if you’re not tracking the results that you get, you’re guessing about your success. That can lead to all sorts of bad things, like throwing money away, or ignoring bad processes that cause conversion to fail.

How do you track your marketing efforts, though? There’s no magic involved. It’s all about having the right tools. Every marketing piece you send out needs to have a unique phone number or a unique website URL – something tied specifically to that campaign and to nothing else. If you’ve never used it, I highly recommend

Using this service, you can create unique phone numbers. Now, they’re not additional physical lines at your office. They’re faux numbers. If you were to call the number before having it all set up, nothing would happen. The point is that you need to forward those numbers to your office lines so that your staff can answer the phone, answer questions, and convert a could-be into an actual patient.

Let’s assume you’re doing a postcard campaign. You create your faux phone numbers, come up with your offer, get them printed, and then mailed out. Then, you wait for the phones to start ringing. Once they do, you need to start digging into things. By logging into your account at, you can find some pretty important information.

One of the most important things you’ll find is the total number of calls stemming from your campaign. You can then bump those numbers against the total number of new patients you received during the same period […]

August 11th, 2017|

Your True Motivation

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I’d like to speak about motivation. It’s what drives us to excel, to seek out growth opportunities, and to find success. However, when it’s lacking, you might find that you’re moving very slowly toward your goals, or perhaps not making any progress at all. I’ve personally been there before and I understand how difficult this can be.

I want you to think about your motivation level. We’ll use the example of pursuing business growth. On a scale of one to 10, where would you place your motivation level? If you’re like a lot of people, particularly those seeing no or slow progress toward your goals, you’ll probably say you fall around a five or six on the scale. You do that for a couple of reasons. Anything less than a five is obviously approaching failure, and you don’t want to be counted a failure. However, you’re definitely not motivated enough to be at the upper end of the scale.

Here’s the thing – the scale isn’t split into two. Tony Robbins actually splits it into three separate parts. We break these down as one to three, three to seven, and seven to 10. The folks at the bottom, with the least motivation, they’re the ones who are frustrated, stymied, and struggling. They’re stuck, and not sure of where they want to go, or how to get there. The folks at the top, they’re the ones with the most motivation. They’re out there going and doing constantly, and making huge strides all the time.

You fall in the three to seven level if you pegged yourself originally at five or six. […]

August 4th, 2017|

Can You Really Program Your Brain For Success

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Let’s talk for a moment about programming your brain for success. It’s possible, and it all starts in the area of the brain called the reticular activating center. You’ve experienced the way this area of the brain works before, even if you didn’t realize what was happening. Suppose you’re walking through a busy airport terminal, surrounded by the noise of conversation, announcements and general hubbub. You pay no attention to any of that as you study your plane ticket, but as soon as a PA announcement with information about your flight comes on, you notice it. That’s your reticular activating center informing your conscious brain about what your subconscious mind has noticed.

There has been some interesting research into the reticular activing center, and the way it works. One of the most unique things about this is that this area of the brain can pick up on things that are real, or those that aren’t. For instance, in a study of children who failed in their early school years, Dr. Maxwell Maltz found that not only were those children not slow, but they were actually highly intelligent.

He discovered that something negative had happened in the child’s life, and their subconscious held onto it. Their reticular activating center kept bringing that up in their daily lives, reinforcing what would eventually become a behavior, and they failed in school. When they were helped to realize that information was false, and un-train their brains, those same children excelled. Many actually went to the head of the class.

In the end, it all boils down to the self-concept we all carry inside us – […]

July 28th, 2017|

3 Dumb Things We Say That Limit Our Growth

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Today, I want to talk about three dumb things we tell ourselves that actually limit our growth. Ever found yourself struggling to get out of a rut? Most of us do. It might be trying to grow your practice, or it could be something as simple as trying to lose weight. You run up against a lack of results, and throw in the towel. You might even say something like, “I’ve tried everything”. That’s one of my favorite examples of the dumb things we say that limit our growth.

I’ve been where you are. When I was trying to grow my practice, I found myself saying that more than once. However, when I really looked at the situation, I realized that I hadn’t tried everything – not even close. If you think you really have tried everything, show me the list. I’m willing to bet that you can’t.

Another thing that we’re all guilty of saying is that “That won’t work for me.” Here’s the thing – chances are good that it’s you and your methods that aren’t achieving the results, not what you’re trying. Using flawed methods will always result in failure. In order to really determine what you need to do, it’s crucial that you study successful businesses (and that those you study are in the customer service business). If it’s working for someone else, you can make it work for you. Understand that I managed to achieve my goals in a town with a population of 75,000 that hadn’t grown in probably 20 years, with 40 other dentists within a seven-mile drive of my office. If I […]

July 21st, 2017|